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How does it work?

Arty is a versatile chat bot designed to assist you in a variety of ways

To interact with them in a channel, simply tag them, e.g., @Arty. Alternatively, you can direct message them for a more private conversation.

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Either in a group setting or in a 1-on-1
Search the web to find the answer
No ChatGPT account required
Keep your data private.
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Disclaimer: This app utilizes a Large Language Model (e.g., ChatGPT) to provide responses in Slack. While we strive to provide accurate and helpful information, please note that the app's responses may occasionally be inaccurate or misleading. We recommend using the information provided by this app with caution and verifying it from reliable sources when necessary.


Arty is always ready to assist you in organizing and coordinating your team's efforts

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Summarize webpages

Arty has access to the web!

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Write code

Arty can write code and debug

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