MindfulDataAI ChatGPT Plugin - Search the web with ChatGPT

So you want to use Google Search with ChatGPT? Follow this quick guide to enable our plugin.

1. The default version of ChatGPT is unable to answer anything about events that have happened since 2021

MosaicML question not answered Let's fix this...

2. Make sure you have ChatGPT Plus

You can't use ChatGPT plugins unless you have ChatGPT Plus ($20/month). You can enable it by following this video

3. Enable Plugins

In the bottom-left corner, click the dots next to your name, and then click "Settings & Beta" User settings Click the "Beta features" menu item and toggle "Plugins" to on: Enable plugins

4. Install the MindfulDataAI Plugin

Start a new chat: New chat Select "GPT-4" and "Plugins" GPT-4 Visit the "Plugin store" ChatGPT plugin store Search for the MindfulDataAI plugin and click the install button: MindfulDataAI plugin

5. Search with the MindfulDataAI Plugin

Now you can try the question again and get an answer sourced directly from the web 🕸️ MosaicML question now answered What do you think? We'd love to hear from you

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